About me 
I'm Eveline I am 14 years old. I'm fond of reading, makeup, her clothing, and my friends and family of course! I grew up in a family with 2 other children. Namely my little sister and brother. I'm the middle one. From an early age I was already fond of makeup, and I was doing a lot. . Beginning 2014, I started this blog, I had previously been a youtube account and a blog also seemed super nice! I also like sports, I do to hockey. I've been doing this for years! Also I did in the summer, tennis, and do so again this summer. Since I so very much of makeup and fashion so I started a blog. And also on my YouTube channel, Byeveline. Under the heading of Youtube on my home page you can find all my videos. Unfortunately I do not super much more to youtube but every now and then I will make a video. It would be nice if you would look! I'm sitting in the 3rd class of the havo and I am also very busy with school! Therefore I can't every week 2/3 an article places, so I hope you understand that.

 Over the pictures of my blog.
It is not allowed to view images from articles and on your own blog/website, without permission. Unless it's a photo is promotes and/or you have permission from me so the photo (s) on your own blog/website.Love, Eveline

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